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Dissertation/Thesis Writing

Medical Thesis Writing services

Master’s degree programs typically require students to submit a thesis as part of the final requirements for graduation. Keep in mind that a thesis is typically required for the completion of a master’s degree. Undergraduate theses, required by some bachelor’s degree programs, are typically shorter and less in-depth than master’s degree theses. When writing their master’s thesis, students typically focus on a specific subfield within their field. Depending on the rules of the university and the particular department, a thesis is typically formatted in a relatively rigid manner.


What is a dissertation?

Doctoral dissertations, in contrast to thesis, require students to conduct their own original research in addition to reviewing the prior research in the field. To successfully complete a dissertation, one must not only demonstrate their own expertise but also contribute new information to the field. This can take the form of either a new theory or hypothesis in the student’s field of study or the presentation of research disproving an existing theory. They could also approach the problem from a different angle, adding new data to the body of prior research.

Thesis vs. Dissertation

Dissertations and thesis are typically required for different kinds of degrees. A thesis is written by master’s degree students, while a dissertation is written by doctoral candidates. A dissertation typically necessitates a defense in front of an audience, while a thesis typically does not. A master’s thesis is also typically much shorter than a dissertation for a doctoral degree. The typical length of a thesis is between 40 and 80 pages, though this can vary widely depending on the type of degree being pursued. In contrast, most dissertations are between 200 and 300 pages long.


Thesis and dissertation

Despite their differences, dissertations and theses share some commonalities. Both call for a lot of reading and writing, and both require extensive research.

On top of that, the following items are needed for both projects:

  • A persuasive case for a position in an academic setting (the stance or main point of the paper)
  • Cognitive abilities based on analysis and reflection
  • Superior knowledge of the field
  • spending a lot of time (years for dissertations and months for theses).
  • ability to revise and improve writing after receiving critical feedback


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