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R.K. Medical Content Writing Services offers you an unbeatable experience in writing manuscripts, thesis, dissertations, grants, research proposals, and any type of scientific document. We have highly experienced and skilled scientific writers to write your document as per international standards.

Our editors are specialists in scientific writing, and you can trust them with your scientific documents. Our team of reviewers is highly experienced and could review your documents and provide comments and suggestions to enhance the quality of those documents.

Why Choose Us?

Our expert team has a minimum of 5 to 10 years of expertise in producing different of types of writing services, such as thesis, proposals, manuscripts, etc. in the field of medical and life-sciences.

Our writers, editors, and reviewers have their own publications in the SCOPUS, SCIE, PubMed, etc., indexed journals. We understand all your needs and prepare your requirements with the utmost care. Before reaching your hands, your documents will go through three screening processes to ensure their credibility and quality. 

What You Can Expect From Us?

·       Timely delivery of documents 

·       Plagiarism free contents

·       Grammar, logic and clear documents

Ph.D/Master’s Topic Selection

Choosing the topic for your Ph.D/Master’s thesis or research paper is perhaps the most daunting task because it effects every stage of research. Our writers have experience in choosing the right topic for your research based on their specialized discipline and their well-subject knowledge.

Ph.D/Master’s Research Proposal

A research proposal is a document that outlines the research that you will execute. Since the acceptance of the Ph.D., the quality of a research proposal has been increasingly crucial. Our team can provide you research proposal with novel research based on the research gap of existing research.

Ph.D/Master’s Synopsis

Making a synopsis is a difficult task. A synopsis is a neutral summary, objectively capturing the main points, rather than your own perspective or critique, and it focusses directly on the text you’re summarising rather than being a wider discussion of a topic, as an essay might be. A synopsis aims to give the reader a full, if brief, account of the whole text so that they can follow its main points without having to read it themselves. Our PhD writers have consisted of many years of expertise in the field of synopsis writing.

Ph.D/Master’s Thesis

Writing your PhD thesis presents many challenges. As a result, research Scholars and students receive assistance from someone who has a thorough understanding of the process. Our research writers can able to write a thesis for a wide range of medical domains.

Ph.D/Master’s Viva-Voce Questions

Viva-Voce examination will be an important part of your carrier. Generally, examiners prepare a series of questions for you to answer at the PhD viva voce examination. These questions are primarily based on your thesis. Based on your research, our expert team will offer you potential Viva-Voce examination questions and answers.

Conference/Seminar Abstract

An abstract is a short overview of a work that you intend to deliver at a conference. The purpose of a conference abstract is to summarize the main points of your paper that you will present in the academic conference. Our team experts will provide with you good-quality of abstract for National/International conferences.

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

To write a systematic review and meta-analysis article is quite complicate and time-consuming process. There are lot steps involved in the conducting of systematic review which includes literature search, data extraction, risk of bias assessment etc. Our team of experts having good knowledge in the systematic review writing according to standard guidelines such as PRISMA.

Data Collection

The process of gathering and analyzing accurate data from various sources to find answers to research problems, trends and probabilities, etc., to evaluate possible outcomes is known as data collection. Our data collection team can able to collect a wide range of data including primary and secondary data, image data collection, data collection systematic review, etc.

Review/Narrative Review Article

Writing a review/narrative review article is a difficult task for new researchers. A review article is classified as a secondary source since it analyses and discusses the methods and findings of previously published studies. Our PhD writers have consisted of many years of expertise in the review article writing.

Original Research Article

The most prevalent type of journal article is an original research article. They’re primary literature because they’re detailed studies that report on new research. The quality of writing is very important for every type of article so that we can able to publish the articles in high-impact factor journals. Our Ph.D. researchers have published many articles in the journals. They will assist you to writing a good piece of article for your carrier growth.

Letter to the Editor

A formal, comprehensive letter addressed to the Editor of a certain publication, magazine, or newspaper is known as a Letter to the Editor. Its purpose is to compliment, criticise, inform, or communicate a specific piece of information. Our team of experts having good knowledge in the Letter to the Editor writing, they will provide you the high-quality writing.

Case Report/Case Series

A detailed report of the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient is called as case report whereas the report of more patients is known as case series. Our authors represent an important, timely, and important study design in the advancement of scientific medical knowledge, particularly for uncommon disorders/disease.

Commentary Article

Commentary articles are written to provide a critical or alternative perspective on a major problem or to provide insight into a significant development that is of interest to a wide number of scientists. Our PhD writers have consisted of many years of expertise in the field of commentary article writing.

Complete Book/Book Chapter Writing

Writing a book is very different and difficult area of new writers. A book chapter is a good way in to alternative modes of academic writing. It’s a place where you can think and do much more about the writing aspect of academic writing. Our experts have published many books in the journals/publishing house. They will assist you to writing a good piece of book for your carrier growth.


Assignment/Essay Writing

An essay is a short piece of writing that expresses the writer’s point of view. Literary critique, scholarly arguments, observations of daily life, recollections, and author reflections are all popular uses for essays. Our Ph.D. qualified writers have experienced in writing a wide range of essays/assignments. published many articles in the journals. They will assist you to writing a good piece of content.

Critical Appraisal

Critical appraisal is not simple process and it can be only able to writing well-qualified scientific writers. The use of explicit, transparent procedures to examine the data in published research, applying the principles of evidence to characteristics such as internal validity, is known as critical appraisal. Our PhD writers have consisted of many years of expertise in the field of critical appraisal writing.

Grant Proposal

A grant proposal is a type of proposal submitted to an organisation with the express purpose of obtaining financing for a research endeavour. The quality of grant proposal is important for getting a funds. Our Ph.D. experts have well-experienced in writing a grant proposal in the variety of fields. It will undoubtedly increase the likelihood that your grant proposal will be approved.

Reflective Essays

Reflective writing is an analytical technique in which the writer presents a real or imagined scene, event, conversation, fleeting idea, or memory, and then adds a personal reflection on its significance. Our PhD writers have consisted of many years of expertise in the field of reflective essay writing.

Journal suggestion

The selection of appropriate and specific journal for publication of article is very crucial process. We have to find out specific journal for publishing our article with publishing criteria such as research area, impact factor, specific indexing, etc. Our expert’s team in R.K. Medical Content Writing Services will suggest you the suitable journals based on your article standard.

Journal submission

Recently, the article submission to journals is quite difficult for new researchers/students due to the reason of journal asking variety details for submitting our articles. Our PhD writers have well knowledge and experience in submitting the articles to variety of journals. They will help you the submitting your articles to journals.

Publication Support

In the recent time, the article acceptance in high impact factor journal and SCOPUS, PubMed, ISI, Web of Science journals is very difficult process. In order to improve the quality of the article in accordance with journal criteria and to increase the chances that it will be accepted within 1 to 3 months, contact our expert team at R.K. Medical Content Writing Services.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data in order to discern patterns and trends. It is a method for removing bias from evaluating data by employing numerical analysis. Our statistical experts will provide you the high-quality of statistical analysis using several tools such as SPSS, “R”, STATA and RevMan and Medcalc for meta-analysis.

Editing and Proof-reading

Editing and proof-reading is an important process for all kinds of contents. Without editing, it will be impossible to communicate the specific objective of our study. As a result, revising the document is essential to eliminate any grammatical, typographical and punctuation errors. Our team of experts have expertise in editing the document both grammatically and technically.

PowerPoint Creation

Creating a great PowerPoint presentation is a skill that any professional can benefit from. A good quality of presentation is helpful to convey our actual message to audience. We have provide high-quality of PowerPoint presentation for conference, seminars and Ph.D Viva-Voce examination.

Referencing and Formatting

Referencing and formatting is an important part of academic work. It puts your work in context, demonstrates the breadth and depth of your research, and acknowledges other researcher’s work. Most of journals and Universities referring specific style of reference.  Our technical team will provide you the support on doing the different styles including APA, AMA, IEEE, Vancouver, and formatting services as per journal guidelines/University guidelines.

What Are The Types Of Packages We Are Offering?

We offer the following packages,

  1. Standard
  2. Premium
  3. Elite

Benefits From Different Types Of Our Packages


  1. Standard services include a written document that is free of plagiarism and formatting.
  2. Premium services include a plagiarism-free written document, formatting, journal recommendation, and a plagiarism certificate.
  3. Elite Services include a plagiarism-free written document, formatting, journal suggestions, a plagiarism certificate, and one round of free editing and reviewing.


Editing and reviewing:

  1. Standard services: editing for grammar, clarity, and flow, plus formatting
  2. Premium services include editing for grammar, clarity, and flow, as well as a plagiarism certificate and formatting, as well as one round of free editing (on the same document).
  3. Elite services: editing for grammar, clarity, and flow + plagiarism certificate + formatting + free editing till publication (same document)