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Editing, Peer Reviewing and Proof Reading

What do we do in editing?

As the name of the service implies, we offer editing for your manuscripts, research proposals, abstracts, theses, and dissertations. We offer two types of editing services, which include light and heavy editing. If you need your document to be edited for less than 10% of the word count, our light editing service would be your best fit, and heavy editing implies editing 20 to 25% of the content. We will edit your manuscripts and ensure that the manuscripts will not be rejected or provided with negative comments based on language and grammar.


What is a peer review?

The quality of a manuscript is determined before it is published through a process known as “peer review.” For the purpose of deciding whether or not to publish a submitted manuscript, editors rely on the opinions of expert researchers in the field to evaluate its novelty, reliability, and potential impact.

What do we do in peer review?

We offer editing combined with a peer review process. The manuscript would also be peer reviewed alone, in which our panel of experts will screen your research content, results, and interpretations and provide suggestions on the same. We will make sure that your manuscript is ready for publication in your target journal.


What is proofreading?

The ability to proofread one’s own work is crucial for any author. Writing and publishing are crucial to the success of any researcher or academic. All articles must be carefully proofread before being submitted for publication.

How is it done?

Before a document is published or submitted for publication, it must be thoroughly proofread for errors in grammar, style, and consistency, among other things. Instead of looking for major mistakes or making suggestions about the content, a proof reader focuses on “minor” errors and overall consistency. Spelling, capitalization, word spacing, punctuation, and format are just some of the things a proof reader should check for. Checking that your document’s formatting matches the requirements of the citation style is an important part of the proofreading process for writers submitting an article to a publisher that requires a specific citation format (APA, Chicago, etc.). Most people associate “citation style” only with referencing, but these guides also detail the proper format for section headings and table and figure titles.


What does R.K. Medical Content Writing Services' proofreading involve?

Self-editing and proofreading can be challenging and time-consuming. To your relief, we have a lot of experts who are well-versed in proofreading documents. Our experts have the knowledge and tools to check your paper and make it flawless and error-free. Proofreading is a crucial step before publication for any writer, and hence, we are asking you to trust us in this.