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Proposal/Protocol Writing

What is a research proposal?


Essentially, a research proposal is a short, well-organized breakdown of the study you intend to conduct. It lays out the major concerns or research questions you plan to answer. Your research area is described, along with the current state of knowledge and any relevant ongoing debates. It also shows that your proposed research is novel.

How to organize?

A research proposal is essentially an organized, formal document that outlines what you intend to explore (i.e., your research topic), why it is worthwhile to investigate (i.e., your justification), and how you intend to investigate it (i.e., your practical approach). The technical definition of a proposal is a document that argues for the adoption of a proposed strategy or the pursuit of a proposed endeavor. The survival and expansion of most companies depend on the quality of the proposals they submit for funding.



The proposal is the single most critical piece of application material you will submit. As an example, if you want to show that you have what it takes to do research at the graduate level, a thesis is a great way to show that you can communicate complex ideas in a clear, concise, and critical way. The proposal also aids in pairing you with a mentor who is best suited to your area of study.


What should you include in a research proposal?

The following elements should typically be included in a research proposal:

Preliminary Elements in the Research Proposal

Title: simply a working title for your study; Abstract: a brief abstract, such as a couple of sentences outlining the issue you’ll be looking at or the primary question you’ll be answering; Study design: an explanation of the big picture against which your research will be conducted and a brief overview of the broad field into which your proposed research fits, summarizing the existing body of knowledge and the most recent debates on the subject.

Important Elements in a Research Proposal

Research Questions: the most important questions that need answering; Methodology: the research methodology, or the specific steps you will take to complete your research; Research Importance: Justify the significance of your study; References: a brief bibliography that includes the works that are most pertinent to your topic.


How will we help you write your research proposal?

Our experts will get in touch with you to learn more about your research idea. We will write the research proposal based on the data and research ideas provided by you. We will collect the available literature based on your data and help you formulate a better research proposal. In a research proposal, the project’s goals, objectives, methodology, and expected impact should all be outlined, which will be clearly carried out by us for you.