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Referencing and Formatting

What is a citation or reference?

A citation is the written record of where specific facts or pieces of information were obtained. Bibliographic details like the author, title, publication date, and place of publication are common components of a citation. There are two ways to generate a citation: manually or with the help of a reference manager. There are two primary formats for citing sources: the numerical Vancouver style (favored by medical publications) and the author-date Harvard format (preferred by publishers in the natural and social sciences).


Why do you need Referencing?

Even though citations play a crucial role in any scientific paper, referencing styles and formats vary as widely as the publications themselves. Every journal has its own format for references, which must be strictly followed. When those guidelines are not followed, the manuscripts may be rejected or sent back to the authors. So, we are here to format your references as per your target journal guidelines.

What are the other formatting features offered?

We also offer

  1. Artwork preparation and formatting
  2. Formatting the manuscript with adherence to the word count
  3. Follow-up of the manuscript from submission to publication
  4. Preparation of the covering letter


Artwork Preparation

Visuals like charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations are crucial for getting your point across. The rules for technical illustrations vary from publication to publication and can be difficult for the authors. We have experts in graphic design who are familiar with the technical artwork guidelines and journal-specific requirements for preparing artwork for publication.

Why Covering Letter is important?

When submitting a manuscript to a journal, a cover letter is a formal way to introduce yourself to the editors and other editorial staff. Cover letters are typically required both when submitting a manuscript to a journal for the first time and when responding to reviewers during a request for a revised submission.


Why choose R.K. Medical Content Writing Services?

If you’re ready to send in your manuscript, you’ll need to do so along with a cover letter. First, register for an account on the journal’s website so you can complete the submission process there. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete this procedure. We can handle this for you because we have experience with more than 1,000 authors and we know what the journal is looking for. We can format your references to any of the journal’s recommended formats, including IEEE, APA, NLM, MLA, AMA, and Vancouver styles. We undertake formatting in both MS Word and Latex files.