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Topic Selection and Research Gap identification

What is topic?

A research topic is the subject or issue that forms the basis of a research. The success of the topic is required for the study to be successful. Topics that do well tend to be narrow in focus rather than broad and general. The choice of topics is, in a word, brilliant. The process of choosing a topic is an initial explosion of ideas following a period of build-up. The process of topic selection is impossible without data and accumulation. Selecting a suitable topic is crucial to the success of the research as it may improve the efficiency of the study.

How do you choose a right topic?

Philosophy and social sciences, it is said, are not like natural sciences. There are no such concepts as success or failure. They will ultimately succeed if they are willing to work hard enough. When choosing a topic, it’s important to keep in mind the research’s overarching direction and the kinds of outcomes you hope to see from your investigation. The research’s objective orientation shows how important and worthwhile the research is. So, we can see where the study of the issue stands and where it may be headed by focusing on the topic on which it is studied.

Why is it important to choose a right topic?

If the research’s topic choice does not indicate its intended purpose but rather only provides a fact, then it is either not worth examining at all or its forerunners have already conducted more thorough investigations, leaving little room for new findings. Those subjects and topics should be avoided.


What is a research gap?

A research gap is a topic of inquiry or an issue that has not been resolved by the currently available literature and data in your field. Whenever there is a novel idea or concept that hasn’t been thoroughly investigated yet, a research void exists. When all the previous research has been done and there is a need for fresh or updated research, you will notice a research gap.

How can you identify a research gap?

There will be a lot of reading and study involved. You’ll need to be well-versed in the previous research that’s been conducted on the issue and how it added to the existing body of knowledge. Jot down any inquiries you have about your subject, then check the literature to see whether your concerns have been addressed. Well, if they haven’t, maybe you’ve discovered a gap.


How our experts will help in this?

Well.! Are you having trouble determining the scope of your research? Or are you confused about identifying the research gaps in your field? Then you are welcome to discuss it with us. We have highly experienced and skilled experts in various fields of biological and medical sciences who can help you find the research areas on which you can focus. Our experts will help you identify the research gap in any field you are focused on. We will also provide you with framing proposals and topics for your doctoral and master’s research.